Friday, December 14

making me happy

01. I wish I moved into an old house.
02. The Paper Dollhouse Project at Crustation.
03. That ugly Angry Muffin made its comeback.
04. Max hates Santa.
05. Les made a great Best of 2007 album guide.
06. Emily's Christmas tree.
07. LOVE this camera song. And how Bishop Allen has matured.
08. Berets put some Paris in your wardrobe. So cute I must have.
09. Scooting Maximus around the kitchen in a cardboard box.
10. Snowflakes so light they appear to be falling glitter.
11. Stripe Ornaments.
12. Thread on display (see above photo).
13. Mom rockin' Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran" on Guitar Hero.

And on the contrary....

01. Poor Blueprint. Am gonna miss it. At least in print.
02. Love Domino, but was sort of sad to see a celebrity on the cover. I recall with fondness the days when Lucky only sported the faces of handsome models on its front. But whatever keeps the mag going, I guess. And I have to say, Go Serena van der Woodsen!

Happy end-of-week. I'll be home, taking care of my down-and-out husband, poor guy, and catching up on all of your blogs.



Lorilee said...

I loved the Max photo... he's so big! I'm excited to see you soon.

Chelsea said...

Was totally annoyed when I saw Amanda Peet on the cover. I almost didn't buy it for that reason. But, then I saw her house and I totally love it!:)

Lacey Jane said...

Oh my! That photo of Max is classic!

What a fun list for the week! Hope Curt feels better soon.

{natalie} said...

wait? what's happening to blueprint???

ps. i'm really liking your blog

celeste said...

Wait, I feel cheated. At first I thought you had a video of Pam playing guitar hero! Next time you've got to record that and put it on YouTube.

Dede said...

Max is such a cutie! Once again...great list!

Catherine said...

Lovely list as always, that photo is great!

Babelfish said...

Thank you Ali for putting the Crust Station house on your list, that makes me happy :) ps. love this picture.

Unknown said...

Altough Lucky has celebrities on the cover now, they don't do a big article and they stick to what the magazine is all about which is nice and refreshing. I think it is still going strong.