Tuesday, October 20

apple picking

october 19 apple picking 3
october 19 apple picking 1
october 19 apple picking 2

We went apple picking for the first time. My kitchen smells like reds plucked fresh from the tree, which is a refreshing departure from the pumpkin-and-cinnamon aromas that typically mark the fall months.

As we all know, apples are tempting. But I prefer those cheeks.



Chaucee said...

Apple picking is one of my favorite things to do, but I haven't done it in years.

jones said...

I live in the DC area and was wondering if you would mind sharing your apple picking destination. Thanks!

Lacey Jane said...

FUN! Wish we could've come with you!

ali said...

Sure thing, Jones. We drove to the Shenandoah River Valley to see the leaves (which were a bit disappointing but maybe we were early ... or late) and stopped right before Front Royal at a place called Hartland Orchard. If you're thinking about heading out that way it's an easy stop but I'm not certain I would make it my destination. I'm worried the apples might be on their way out.

There's a you-pick guide on Washingtonian.com that would be helpful, too!

p.s. Hi D.C. friend. :)

jenniferhoiyin said...

i agree, the smell of apples is one that is often underrated during the fall. and it's simply perfect.

Lane said...

Aw, man. I wish I could've been there! Glad you guys went :)

babelfish said...

Lovely reds, and how cute!