Monday, November 2

fall, don't fail me now


Halloween proved to be the perfect fall day.

  • Oscar in his skeleton jammies for almost 24 hours
  • His happy feet kicking all afternoon in his carrier
  • Kids in costumes on the Metro
  • Stomping through sidewalks flooded with leaves
  • Drizzly weather but warm temps
  • Lunch in the city with my friend and her adorable baby bump
  • Party with new friends and gourmet Halloween-themed foods
  • A spooky flick, just C and me.
Like Halloween, I wish autumn would never end.



Susan Terese said...

agreed :) there is something so soothing, special and romantic about this time of year!

Jill K said...

Autumn doesn't last long enough.

And I love your boots!

Brittany said...

love the boots!

Lacey Jane said...

That definitely was one of the more memorable Halloweens for me... seeing you guys was SO dang fun. I cannot get enough of little Oscar. Thanks again for meeting me for lunch!

Plus, I LOVE that picture- the leaves are gorgeous!

Jane Flanagan said...

Oh me too! Tonight the rain had little crystals in it. Not quite snow, but definitely moving in that direction. I wanted to shake my fist at the sky and yell "too soon!"

Brad K. said...

What movie did you guys watch? We watched Drag Me To Hell. It was the perfect Halloween movie.

babelfish said...

Love the colours in this pic, sounds like you had a great time.