Friday, October 21

have you met ... olive's friend pop?

The title of this post is a bit of an inside joke. My little O might have an imaginary friend. He frequently asks me, "Remember my friend, Duck?" I can't tell if this is an opening line to a two-year-old's joke, or if he really thinks he has a friend named Duck, and that I've met him/her.

At any rate, I smiled when I came across this line of kid's clothing called Olive's Friend Pop. It's really, really sweet ... and has a great name, too.

olive's friend pop 1olive's friend pop 2

Images from Olive's Friend Pop's S/S 2011 and A/W 2011 collections.



Arleene said...

oh, these pieces are so sweet! love the retro styles and colors.

Andrea @ Strawberry Chic said...

what a cute clothing line, especially that little grey dress! I go in to find out if I am having a boy or girl today!...if it's a girl I just might have to buy it!

maternity bridesmaid dresses said...

These are so cute!!!Love the first and second one!So lovely!