Sunday, December 25

glad tidings

2011 family christmas box resize a

From our party of four.



jody said...

Congratulations! x

steph said...

love you guys. i want more photos of your little girl. i'm dying to see her.

miss you!

abby said...

so darling. congratulations!

julie @ duet letterpress said...

so sweet! congrats!

ivyjeanne said...

Congratulations! What a darling family picture too! We still need a good one of us four together.

Glad to hear you are feeling pretty well. I felt much better after this delivery as well. And so far, Christian has been pretty darn sweet to little Pierce.

So -- does you little girl have a name yet? Can't wait to hear it. It took us two weeks to decide on Pierce -- till then he was just "little guy" or "sweet baby." ;)

melany said...

What a beautiful family ♥