Thursday, September 28


Kudos to Bravo for making what I think was a brilliant if not crafty decision. I can't blame them--I couldn't decide who to kick off either, and skipping out on an opportunity to see an entire line from any of these guys would be absurd. Plus, I don't mind a show that's willing to bend the rules here and there.

Don't really like Jeffrey as a person, but he's great for TV because he's the perfect villain--the one you love to hate. As for Jeffrey the designer, his couture dress was off the hook. If he can come up with more "edginess" like that, and less of this recycled rock-and-roll glam stuff you see all over, he could take the cake.

Michael had me biting my nails. He's the person you love to love. So kind and unexpected. It would have killed me to see this one mistake send him home after making so many right decisions. Seriously, what was with the evening gown? After the Paris debacle, he should know that isn't his strength. I might have egged that dress, too.

Laura's construction is flawless. Though she's predictable (sorry, but who isn't? If they veer off their style path too much, they end up with something like Jeffrey's "Monet" piece tonight--good from far away, but up close, a big ol' mess), she is confident and elegant. And I'm loving this new vulnerability she's displaying. Hopefully that won't affect her work too much ... remember, she's only going to get more pregnant. If she can translate some of her little getups into separates, I'd be willing to throw down some serious cash. Well, maybe not, but I might drool over them.

In the end, all hats off to Uli! I take it back (sorry, Michael), she's the person you love to love. How can Heidi's accent be so annoying and Uli's so endearing? Maybe it's Heidi's voice that gets to me ... "These sixteen contestants" rings through my head throughout Wednesday night and into Thursday morning. But back to Uli. What a masterpiece! Only she could do tie-die such a service. Hers will be the stuff that really gets me drooling. Mmmm ... she's good.

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jamie anne said...

It was a real nail biter...I loved it! I have to say though, my least fav is Jeffrey. It's gonna be a good reunion next week, and an even better finale! Can't wait!!