Sunday, September 17

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As I was browsing sites, trying to find fresh material for the links in my sidebar (Check them out--I'm going to try and change them on a weekly basis), I ran across a subject I deemed "headline" worthy.

The Tate Modern, one of my favorite spots in London, is an old factory-turned-contemporary art museum with an astonishing and moving collection--I'm conjuring up memories of a grand piano hanged upside-down from the ceiling, its gruesome insides slowly spilling out for all to witness; a noisy death, indeed.

The museum is connected, almost directly, to St. Paul's Cathedral by the semi-new Millennium Bridge, which is a piece of art in and of itself. But that's another story. The scenic stroll over the River Thames from New London (Tate Modern) to Old (St. Paul's) is just one of those things you have to do if you ever make it (back) to London. (When will the dollar be able to rival the pound again? That's another story, too).

The Tate Modern also offers, as I found, an impressive online collection. This is a piece appropriately titled "Dissolving Yellow" by Michael Kidner (born 1917) whose work I was not previously familiar with. I love its op-art appeal and playful manner--the way it so perfectly balances the mood I reflected yesterday (See "Winter Already?").

Check out the "For a Look" link to find new favorites--excuse me, that's favourites--of your own via the Tate Carousel. Though really, this would be appropriate for the "Escape" and "Fun" links too, and that's just the idea.

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