Sunday, October 22

an evil twin

(Photo cred goes to Curtis. This is his favorite Van Gogh. I guess cred goes to Van Gogh, too.)

As you know, months ago my friend Brad proposed the oh-so-clever idea of a CD mix club--kind of like a hipper, boy/girl book club with more junk food, and duh, music. Basic idea: Whoever is hosting chooses a theme, then everyone has a month to create a masterful compilation for the next meeting. We each give a quick "preview"/debut of our mixes and provide a brief explaination of song choice. It's one of my favorite nights each month, not only because I get to see my friends but also because I get a free month's worth of music--and usually a bellyful of something like gummy Cherry Bombers.

Last month, Brad appropriately chose the "Spooky Mix" theme. I couldn't believe some of the stuff the crew came up with. I can't take credit for their genius, but I can share the mix Curtis and I concocted. If any of you are trying to get in the spooked-out, Halloween mood, perhaps our mix will help. I wish I knew how to download all the mp3s and send them to each of y'alls, or make downloading available directly from my blog, but I don't, so all I can offer is this list. Some songs were chosen for their lyrical content, some simply for their creepy musical landscape, still others for their general unsettling quality. Here it is:

1. Useful Idiot: The Tool Tribute String Quartet
2. The Wind: PJ Harvey
3. 2+2=5 (The Lukewarm): Radiohead
4. The Bachelor and The Bride: The Decemberists
5. Your Ghost: Kristen Hirsch
6. Boo: Pinback
7. Ice: The Microphones
8. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes: Modest Mouse
9. Guilty: (Yann Tiersen of Amelie)
10. The Conductor: The Faint
11. I Wish I Had an Evil Twin: The Magnetic Fields
12. The Garden: PJ Harvey
13. Caring is Creepy: The Shins
14. Heaven: Maquiladora
15. Winners Never Quit: Pedro the Lion
16. You Belong to No One: Bettie Serveert
17. Humming: Portishead
18. Gloomy Sunday: Sinead O’Connor

For those of you who did get my mix, I hope you enjoy it. If it doesn't tickle your fancy, or funny bone or scary bone, if there is such a thing, my friend Clint--who knows so much good music--sent me some of his favorites (I was gmail-chatting with him as I compiled my list) and I think it's worth sharing. Just looking up the lyrics to some of these gave me instantaneous goosebumps, like the R.L. Stine hit.

1. Under Ice: Kate Bush
2. We Suck Young Blood: Radiohead
3. Witches’ Rave: Jeff Buckley
4. New Year’s Prayer: Jeff Buckley (He also says “Nightmare by the Sea” is a good choice given Buckley’s drowning.)
5. Red Flags and Long Nights: She Wants Revenge (Says Clint: “Other good choices include ‘Sister’ and ‘Tear You Apart.’ SWR has a general ghoulish sort of ambiance.”)
6. Slippage: Goldfrapp
7. Everybody’s Stalking: Badly Drawn Boy
8. As he says, “Basically the whole of Poe’s 'Haunted' album, though it’s obvious. 'Terrified Heart' would make a fun interlude."
9. Rodeo Clown: The Kills
10. Cactus: Pixies

Kudos to Clint. And Kudos to whoever invented Halloween. And to Brad for inventing Mix Club.


LaceyJ. said...

Woah spooky post! And, Kudos to you Ali... your mix was indeed Creepy.

Brad K. said...

Cherry Bombers. Whoot! Whoot

Dede said...

Once again...we really wished we could have been there. Oh how we miss CD Mix Club!