Thursday, October 19

runway runaway

Ah, shucks. So they went for the cheating wild-card. Obviously, I'm disappointed. Not only did the judges vote for the collection that I found the most blah and unwearable, the show failed to adequately punish Jeffrey for not being forthcoming about his scheming ways. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of the demise of what has otherwise been the best reality show on TV: Take really hard-working people, add some serious talent, a heavy dose of passion, and a panel of credible, expert judges instead of Billboard-hit buyers and sweats-wearers (sorry for the snobbery) and the success of the show is virtually a no-brainer--especially for an audience/population that's becoming increasingly design-conscious, for which we have beloved Target to thank.

But PR's recent rule-changes and rule-bendings have me worried. Are they outsmarting us, or just going too easy on contestants? Popularity has a way of ruining good shows.

In the end, all signs (and blogs and articles) pointed to Jeffrey's triumph, but like Michael, Uli and Laura, I still had that little ounce of foolish hope that all signs (and blogs and articles) might be proven wrong. I was wrong.

And if any of them sell their line to Wal-Mart, I'll throw up. (What was up with Heidi pushing that?) Then I'll really know that the show is going down the tubes.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the new spinoff.


Lorilee said...

Lucky me, I was able to catch the finale on Thursday at my Mom's. Ali, I too was disappointed with the outcome. I was shocked when the said Michael..(I haven't read the blog or website comments, so I was blown over with their decision)I was loving Uli's (and Laura's) collection. How many times did Heidi say that she would wear anything of Uli's that came down the runway? After Jeffery's scandal and going over budget..come on!

jamie anne said...

This was a truly devastating pick. Good thing Halloween is just around the corner, cuz his collection looked like "The Nightmare Before Christmas."