Sunday, October 15

dream a little dream

Stop No. 2 on Curtis' Great Salt Lake Tour: He lovingly calls this one "The Dream House"--and not "dream" in the never, no way, not-at-all attainable way, but in the maybe-someday-if-we-really-luck-out way. This little beauty is in a somewhat quaint neighborhood on a middle class-ish street in the Millcreek area.

The Dream House sits a little too well on its lot, with landscaping that completes the house almost too fully--which made photography nearly impossible with my little, digital point-and-shoot and meager camera skills. If you would like to see it in person (you should!), ask Curtis for directions.

Since I still can't get him to blog, I'll paraphrase: "I like this house. Check it out." There is an art to being brief that I obviously haven't mastered.

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