Thursday, October 12

stop, thief! vandal! outrage! scandal?

As my friend Lori said, there's nothing like a Megadeth quote to start off a blog. I, however, chose a line from a song on Disney's "Aladdin" album. She might be cooler than me.

So, for all you readers ( I know I have so many) and watchers (can you imagine life without cable?) out there, what was your conclusion after last night's episode of Project Runway? I can't tell if they're just trying to make us think something's up ... or if Jeffrey is a "Vandal!"--and the perpetrator of a "Outrage!"-ous "Scandal!"

We watched in the company of the Hacketts, and after close inspection, (we rewinded and rewatched the last minute at least 5 times) we arrived at the conclusion that Jeffrey is in trouble. That look on his face is pretty awful. It kind of broke my heart--and remember how I don't even like him? He has a rat tail for heaven's sake. Maybe he's a good actor and could become a double-threat: fashon designer/actor. We all know he's got attitude, or as Pam would say, Bad-itude. All that's needed is the rock-star band to wrap things up and elevate him to triple-threat status. Watch out.

Anyway. I don't know if they'll get him for sewing assistance or tainted financial records--he was pretty fishy with his receipts--but I, for one, think we won't be seeing him or his zipper creations at Bryant Park. He said so himself, which can only mean one thing: G.U.I.L.T.Y.

What do YOU think?(See comment link below.) If no one responds, this will be a little embarrassing. Keep that in mind.


cody said...

Believe it or not, I was able to catch a re-run of this episode at my parents house yesterday--and was suprised to see all the drama that has come to Project Runway--but I loved it. Megadeath song or not... Jeffery (I'm sure) is going to be megamad, megasad, and megaembarassed.

Lorilee said...

Cody didn't type that comment... I'm not sure why it said his name, I'll have to investigate....Just trying to keep you on your toes Ali.

Anonymous said...


He's no cheat. He's the real deal, baby. He's got self-proclaimed "mad skills." If he doesn't get to show his collection I will not feel complete.

Thanks for this blog!!!!!!

Jamie Anne said...

I have to say that Jeffrey said it best himself when he said, and I quote "I'm reallly scared I won't be able to show at Bryant Park..." Why would you be scared if you were honest and had nothing to hide? Megainteresting!