Tuesday, October 10

meet lorraine

Since we couldn't go see Architecture in Helsinki (like we would have gone anyway) Curtis took me to Architecture in Salt Lake City: a tour of his favorite structures in the valley. I was pleasantly surprised by his many good finds; he's got such a great eye--not to mention an unrivalled knack for scouting out these gems.

This will be a new feature here at alilovescurtis. You can pop in a random Mix Club compilation, open some windows, and presto!--it'll be just like you're scooting around in the Jetta with us.

Lorraine is the centerpiece of our first tour stop at 400 South and South Temple. She and the building she complements might be the Boyer Company's best gift to the Beehive State.

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laceyJ said...

I walk past this fine structure almost every single day! It's on the same block as my work place. And, today, when I walk by it, I'll take a much closer look. Love your blog, miss!