Wednesday, October 4

ny vs. la: who will be topped?

Which city will get the 80,000 square feet of pure joy? Who cares? I'll take whichever coast; any American soil is better than currently unaffordable Oxford Street--in this scenario. LA is closer, but I get a free place to stay in NY, and better shopping backup (Lane and Jamie, are you ready?).

Following the footsteps of other European merchants Zara and H&M, Topshop has been given the go-ahead to jump across the pond and offer its oh-so-good pieces to fashion-hungry, twenty-something American women who, if possible, like to spend money like it grows on trees ... like me.

And what a feat it was! After bouts with the CFDA and a trademark smackdown with Nevada Apparel Corp, the Top of Shops has been given clearance, Clarence (reportedly and reportedly). Also up in the air is when the beloved shopping haven might open. Sorry details are scarce, but I can only spend so much time scowering the net for updates. Can't help but wonder if this is news to anyone other than myself. No matter. This is worth celebrating.

Also heard that Mango isn't far behind. (Yay, Mom!)

And one more reportedly for the road.


Lorilee said...

Sounds Exciting... Can't wait! Once it open's (where ever it is) we'll have to take a girls trip there. How does that sound? Thanks Ali, for keeping me updated on new shopping info.

ali said...

I'm up for the shopping trip, or any trip for that matter! Thanks for sharing the enthusiasm.

jamie anne said...

With the pound staying strong in recent years, I thought my TopShop days were in the distant future. Alack, I see hope on the horizon. I would la-la-la-love it to be here in NYC!

Ashley said...

You like Mangos? Kudos Pam.