Friday, October 6

sharing the sisterly love

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Jamie Anne sent me and fortunate others this e-mail earlier in the week, and I found its contents too good to not share. Known for her shopping prowess and fun/fabulous design sense, she's proven herself to be a good one to take advice from. She writes:

Hi Guys!

As most of you know, I am now totally into home, kitchen and bath accessories. The trouble is finding stuff that doesn't seem so unoriginal. Pottery Barn, C&B, Williams-Sonoma, etc., are all good and well, but I just don't feel much oomph or ahhh from them.

I've been searching hi and lo, and feel like I've found some really fun sites online. And since I'm never one to keep a good find to myself (she really isn't ... she usually buys two of everything so we can both have one) why not share?

First is They have some really fun stuff. Some of it I have seen at other stores here in NY too, but never with so much variety and depth. Check out their kitchen linens, kitchen scales, porcelain mugs, and last but definitely not least, their vintage kitchen accessories. They are super fun and could really add some life to your kitchen in a jiffy.

Second, Now, you may be thinking of the overpriced clothing store in SLC, but you are wrong ... this little gem is actually located in Boston, MA. So Ashley, you could check it out in person if you wanted. They have some kind-of-fun stuff, like nesting bowls and porecelain votives. Very cute.

Third, I think they have a really fun idea, and if they get some more stuff in their product line, they could do really well. For all you eyeglass-wearers, their glass trays are too cute!

Thanks to Jamie! ... My first and unofficial "guest blogger."

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laceyJ. said...

Thanks Jamie and Ali for posting the fun suggestions! Good stuff.