Friday, October 27

a sunny/frosty morning's feat

I hopped in the Jetter this morning, only to be greeted by a more-than-frozen-over windshield. Why don't I think of things like this in advance? Running late, as usual, I waited impatiently for the defrost to kick in--frozen fingers twiddling on the steering wheel. As the clock ticked on .. and on ... and on, I decided not to hit the easy button and break out my scraper but take a blind chance and kick 'er in reverse, curving cautiously out of my stall so I could head for greener pastures, ie, a sunnier spot.

I rolled down the window and stuck my head out in the chilly air--keep in mind that it's a stretch for a 5-foot girl to keep the pedal to the metal and her head out the window, all the while driving a manual. But I carefully (miraculously?) steered Baby Blue to the south end of the building, where the icy glass met the eastern rays head-on. My plan worked to utter perfection, but let's just say that I'm sure I made anyone's morning who was lucky enough to catch me in action.

As I waited for the windshield to thaw, I decided to shoot this picture--just to see how it would turn out. I think it looks kinda cool, a sort of weathered-Monet-meets-photograph. The breaks in the ice look like cracking brush strokes. (You might catch the effect better, if there is one, by double-clicking on the photo and viewing it a little larger.) Regardless, I'm proud of myself for making the most of a frosty, winterish morn. Way to go, Al! Curtis would be proud, too, I think.


James said...

Curtis and Ali it is still 80 degrees down here - come visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way I do think that picture is really cool. It does look like a fancy painting.

Kim said...

Ali . . .that story makes me laugh. I wish I could have been a spectator for that one!

I think we do need to head south for the winter! I'm not ready.

Lorilee said...

Before I read your message I was stuyding the photo and wondering to myself..."how did she do that?" One thought even came..."did she leave her camara outside, and the lense go all frosty?" Then I saw where you "hopped into the Jetter" and it all came together. Did you make it on time to work?