Saturday, October 28

'ali' starring kirsten dunst

Let's get things straight: I don't mean "Ali" as in Muhammad--didn't Jamie Foxx or Will Smith already do that? I'm talking "Ali Smith"--no, not the famous writer; we're just dealing with little ol' me. If I ever get around to writing that million-dollar screenplay, starting up that gone-global scrub business or launching my own boutique that somehow goes online, then international, and proceeds to the level of world domination, perhaps a movie will be made about me. Indeed, it's likely that none of the above will happen. It would be more interesting to make (another) movie about a normal girl. And that's what I am.

My sister once asked me what actress I would like to play me in my very own movie. I said, "Me." She said that was breaking the rules. When I asked her who she would choose, she said Rachel Weisz, and I immediately remarked that she couldn't do that because Rachel Weisz would already be playing me in my movie. To be fair, she dibsed Rachel first ... and after much thought and deliberation, I think I've made my own pick.

I love Kirsten. Look how cute she is. After I saw these photos in Teen Vogue--which I buy because I think the featured clothing will be cheaper; it isn't--I was ready to go blonde and get extensions. Seriously! In reality, I'm already on my way: I'm into the month's-long process of chemically lightening my chemically dyed hair and I've reached the past-my-shoulders length landmark. As a side note, isn't that blue Chloe frock to die for?

All said, should that blockbuster ever be produced after I've died a premature death or when something else happens of equally epic or tragic proportions, now you all know who I think would best honor me. Actually, not all said. I know she smokes, is a little dingy ("g" sound as in "girl") and has the annoying habit of name-dropping the latest music artist in every public interview she has. But, she's still appealing ... and one heck of an actress. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I heart Kirsten. (And no, I haven't seen "Marie Antoinette" yet and no, I will not let it change my opinion of her.)

What I'm listening to: My Love/Justin Timberlake (Kirsten would so disapprove.)


Kim said...

Ali . . .thanks for always entertaining me with your blog posts! Kristen does look beautiful in those pictures.

jamie anne said...

Forget the big screen...I'd take an HBO made-for-TV movie! Speaking of JT...maybe he could play my loving husband?