Tuesday, October 31

ha-double l-o-double u-double e-n

Spells Halloween! Hoping y'all get adequately spooked.

It's worth double-clicking to enlarge these pix. Curtis did such a good job on my eye makeup; everyone told me how unhealthy I looked. Uh, that was the idea--and this was at the END of the night!

Thanks to Jer and Jeremy for hosting one "doozey," as Brad put it, of a Halloween party.


Kim said...

You guys look SO scary. Seriously that's an amazing makeup job. Those protruding chest bones look great too!
If you didn't win a contest for best costume, you definitely should have!

sarah marie said...

oh my gosh! those are the best scary people costumes ever!

sarah marie said...

i love it..i didn't know if that was going to sound like i didn't. just wanted to be clear. sorry for the double.

Lorilee said...

SOOOOO SPOOKY! Best Zombie's 2006. A male nurse who has seen a lot of dead people must have painted your faces. I love it!

jamie anne said...

You are the only 2 people I know who are the same thing every year, but somehow never get boring...I suppose they call that something like innovation. Bravo!