Thursday, November 16

loving voc

When Lane was home for Christmas last year, she, Jamie, Curtis and I went hogwild on "Voc."

It would all start in the kitchen, where we'd construct a tower of "super nachos"--featuring Jamie's tasty salsa, medium cheddar cheese, hint-of-lime tortilla chips, diced chilis, and more medium cheddar cheese--or in the basement, where the coffee table quickly filled with other junk like chocolate cinni bears and Coca-Cola: all in preparation for a night (typically four hours, at least) of "Voc."

During prep time, substantial topics of conversation included Summer's unrealistic (or wasn't it?) transition from ditsy cheerleader-type to edgy fashionista with immaculate vocab; wishing Seth could come over and hang out with us (we never wanted a little brother ... until now; actually, until Jer); or Marissa's inability to finish a conversation like a normal human being: "If she storms out one more time..."

It was during one of these thought-provoking discussions that Dad inquired, "What's 'Voc' anyway?"

"What's what?" we asked.


Funny how a vowel sound changes depending on whether it's followed by a consonant or fellow vowel. You can't say, "The OC." Instead, without realizing it, you say, "Thee OC." Or is it just us?

Dad, in classic hard-of-hearing fashion, mistook "Thee" for "V" and brought the "O" and "C" together like an acronym: Voc. An endearing miscommunication, it sort of stuck.

Here are the top ten reasons I still pine for "Voc," even after Marissa's tragic parting:

10. Summer, Taylor and Kaitlin combined wear less eyeliner than one “Laguna Beach” babe, and that same combination could never concoct the heartlessness of a single Laguna meanie.
9. As Immi said, “They’re beautiful people living in a beautiful place who happen to have moral problems.”
8. I can’t get too annoyed by it: “The OC” doesn’t take itself to seriously, so I can't either.
7. I get to live in dreamy Orange County for at least one hour every week, be 16 again and have Sandy Cohen as my father figure ... and all the clothes I can handle.
6. Classic one-liners, like this: “I'll see your fugitive former flame and raise you a lesbian daughter.”
5. Soap-opera-only one-liners, like this: “The Siegfried’s donated a pool and a field and their son only smoked pot. Our daughter shot someone. We have to at least give them a hundred grand.”
4. Self-conscious one-liners, like this: “How much vomit is that? Like the little girl in the Sixth Sense or the big fat guy in Monty Pithon?”
3. Cutest clothes on TV, hands down. I even find myself coveting some of Summer's now-hippie attire.
2. No other show uses music like “The OC” does. Not one. I was crushed when I heard Deathcab on Season Two (when I first started watching) but soon discovered that my meager music knowledge could never compare to the prowess of "OC" soundscapers, so I was like, “If you can’t beat them, join them,” or however that saying goes.
1. I can relate to just about every character on the show--even JuJu--which means I can cry with just about every character. And that makes it all just a little bit real.


marta said...

true, true, true. i am counting the hours 'til VOC myself. didn't you just love summer having thanksgiving at Chili's in the airport after inviting all the homeless to the Cohen's..

and ali, thanks for who/what/wear. it's fabulous! happy thursday night in front of the tube.

ali said...

It's actually thanks to "Teen" magazine which mentioned WWW in one of its...articles? I don't know if you could call it that. I get "Teen" for free at work.

jamieanne said...

Hahaha...I am laughing out loud. Super nacho Voc nights starting at about midnight and ending at 4 a.m. were the best of times. Man, those were the salad days for sure. Stuff like that make me miss you guys the most. I've got season 3 on DVD, and Christmas is a few short weeks away...who's in?

jamieanne said...

By the way, I loved Marissa Cooper...may she RIP. I hope she was buried in that deevine Chanel dress she wore to prom. Retail price: 10k.

ali said...

Doi. We are for sure. Don't forget the disks.

Lorilee said...

This was my favorite entry so far Ali. Who doesn't love to take a walk down OC lane---especially when it's with sisters---too bad none of my sisters are cool enough for the OC, I'll have to find some adoptive ones. hint hint :) and Jamie Anne, it's sooooo good to see your little face on the screen..FINALLY! Please, please give me your blog address!

ali said...
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ali said...

It gets better: It's sisters AND husband. And friends are always more than welcome, too. As long as you'll eat nachos. Oh, and good luck getting JamieAnnie to send you her blog URL. I've been bugging her about it for months and months. Don't you want to see the view of the Statue of Liberty from her apartment?? I know; me too.

Dirk said...

still addicted! how about my new favorite line... "gay dad trumps slutty mom... ask anyone." I bought a "Free Marissa" t-shirt a while back and was so happy I had when she bit the dust.

ali said...

I hope you're still rockin' that t-shirt, Dirk.