Friday, November 17

window shopping

Topshop hearts their new dot com site. I just heart Topshop. According to the Style Notes that happily arrive in my Gmail inbox every week, 161 new pieces have been added to the Topshop roster. To me, that's 161 pieces of pure joy. I suppose it's a good thing they don't ship to the US . I've learned the hard way that I CAN live without.

If they did, and if I could somehow afford new threads, here are the to-die-for top-half pieces I'd be ordering as soon as I finish blogging. Oh, to live in London.

For the record, I do realize that I'm just a litle bit ridiculous. More and more, my blog mirrors that of an 18-year-old.


Lorilee said...

That blue top is to die for. When I saw the ink to the website, by fingers couldn't reach my mouse quick enough to "hook me up".... but then as I looked at the tops you displayed and saw how cute they are.. and that there was no way I could have them... I didn't think I'd want to torture myself with a whole website of wants but can't have's.. I guess it's better not knowing what you are missing out on.

ali said...

That's exactly why I DO like it ... because I don't have to exercise any self control. Not because I can have everything (oh, how I wish) but because I can have nothing. Not even if I wanted to. :)

marta said...

you've opened up a whole new world for me. i have never been to topshop, yet am planning a stop in asap. (wishing..)

ps. i think you might like this:
you and miss seamstress are thinking along the same lines today!