Monday, November 6

old stompin' grounds

As part of our extended "vacation at home" this weekend, Curtis and I headed to Logan today, in part because the place just makes you feel all good and weird and New England-ish at this time of year, but also because we've been dying to see the new "Sci-Tech" library. One just-like-coming-home meander around campus, not to mention a walk through the lovely new structure made the hour-and-a-half trip there, and nearly two-and-a-half-hour drive home (thanks to some really annoying traffic) totally worth it. Well, that and the focaccia at Fire House.

Many of us agree that the Logan days were some of our best, and for those of you who weren't with us, well, we missed you but can't help but say that you might have missed out. Curtis and I found ourselves jealous of the kids hanging out and eating Freschettas in the TSC (what? no more Pizza Hut breadsticks?), gossiping with friends about dates-gone-awry on the way to class, and walking home to nights of Dr. Mario, Mt. Dew, and the occasional hangout with too much guitar swooning but perfect hula-hoop and party-crashing-cuz-we-just-want-to-dance opportunities.

On top of that, the drool-inducing library makes any grad program at USU look SO much more attractive (more to come on that). But when we left the TSC parking terrace and had to pay, I was more than happy to hand over the $3 ... something practically forbidden in poor student life. Oh, the memories.

This entry is a photo journey: some old familiars, some new (and beautiful) faces. We hope you like this special, also extended version of Curtis' Great Salt Lake Tour. This is a long one, so I feel like I should say "Buckle up," or "Don't hold your breath," or "We really hope you enjoy this incredibly long list of photos," or something. To spare you, we've separated our photos so we can make two entries out of what we captured.

What good tour doesn't start in the bathroom? I knew this photo would drive the nostalgia home for female USU graduates, and give male USU graduates a much-anticipated peekaboo of the ladies restroom in the basement of the TSC.

Remember these? And these.....

New way of looking at the hippie building.

New view of the business building; sayonara Merrill Library.

New appreciation for the old Engineering Building.

New performance hall in Art building parking lot. Actually pretty cool.

New Engineering Building extension.

Not-so-new sculpture.

Us on that pathway that runs alongside the mirrored building where you're always tempted to check yourself out, and when you give in to the temptation, you ALWAYS get busted and feel sheepish.


Brad K. said...

I need to go and do this. I can't believe the amount of memories that came rushing back to me from your post. And yes, I even teared up a little.

Kim said...

I'm so jealous. I really need to get back up there and do the same thing. Thank you for the pictures! It was so fun to pretend I was there. I miss it so much.
So tell us more about this grad program? Are you thinking of going back?

James said...

I miss the days of Logan. They truly were magical. I think a Logan reunion in Logan is a must. That Sci-Tech library is incredible, huh.
Great post. Man, I miss you guys.

laceyJ. said...

Wow- what good pictures and memories and longing for more- so, do you have anymore pics you could post? I get the USU Alumni Magazine, and they highlighted the new library- wowzers.

Dede said...

Ahhh...Logan. I miss Logan so much!! Those really were the days. You really captured Utah State. Thanks Curtis and Ali for bringing back good feelings and good memories.

Dede said...

P.S. I love the picture of you in your profile. Your hair is so cute!!

sarah marie said...

i love these photos ali. so nastalgic.