Thursday, December 7


If this is true, it's highly possible that I will cry.


Kim said...

Me too. I couldn't stop thinking about it last night while I was watching.

jamieanne said...

Hey! No fair...I was just about to pour my heart out over this on my blog! If true, my disenchantment with The OC will reach epic proportions of depression. A tragedy indeed.

ali said...

Sorry, sister. When you informed me of the bad news, I couldn't ignore my heaviness of heart. A post was a must, so that friends could comment and share condolences and make me feel better.

Please write about it! I'm dying to hear what you know. And you live in New York, so you're more in the know that little ol' me. Was it in page 36?

jamieanne said...

You did it much better than I could anyway. I know very little, only that there has been no confirmation or denial from either party.
It is not in page 6. What is in page 6 is loads of other sellacious gossip, and a celebrity map so you can go stalk the famous people in town.
But back to OC. Can't we just go back to the first season...when everything was light, we were all getting to know each other, Marissa was still around, Ryan was a rebel without a cause, Seth was the cutest geek you've ever seen, and Summer was...well, Summer? I think that worked better for everyone, including Seth and Summer (er, Rachel and Adam). And yes, I do realize how pathetic it is that I intermix imaginary and real life, but I just don't feel the need to care.

ali said...

I happen to be a Taylor fan, and I don't feel too bad about Marissa's death. I guess I'm no purist. But I don't think there's anything wrong with intermixing real life and TV life. After we came home from visiting The O.C. (Orange County) last year, I got seriously depressed. Seriously.