Thursday, December 7

put her in your pocket

You all know the girl. The one whose hair, even when lazily swept up, comes off glamorously disheveled. The one, who, even at her most casual moment, looks not only polished and collected, but entirely at-ease with her appearance. She’s the one you hope draws your name in the Christmas raffle. The one who just dropped off that thoughtful little package of sweet lemon-drop cookies and had them wrapped inexpensively but thoughtfully with a smart, little box-and-ribbon combo you’d have never thought up (or found) and she was clad in the cutest skirt you’ve ever laid eyes on. (“Oh, I’m glad you like it,” she’d say. “I made it myself.”)

She’s the friend you would like to carry in your pocket. “Should I make the mini chocolate-chocolate cupcakes or mint brownies for the holiday soiree?” you would ask her. “Whichever you’re better at, which is definitely the brownies,” she would say. She’d then help you decide on the right holiday soundtrack to keep the party moving without dominating the scene. The two of you would draw a killer seating chart: “Never sit Angela and Lena too closely, they never stop talking politics,” she would say. She’d then dress you head to toe in a smashing getup: “The cocktail dress is figure-flattering and whimsical, but I’d go with something smarter like the eggplant Tracy Reese blouse, bright red wool skirt from Banana and Cole Haan suede pumps,” she would say.

She’s the girl who knows what to buy and where to find it. What to make and how to make it. What to wear and how to wear it. What movie to see and where it’s playing. The new artist, the new band, the new boutique. But she frequents the old ones, too.

Well, here she is. Or, really, here we are. No, I’m not her (if only)—does she even really exist?—but together, we (you and me) can be that girl. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve started up a locally-themed fashion/shopping/crafting/cooking/ entertaining/design blog with my friend Maeve (and her husband/my friend Brad who designed us a most lovely page). It’s a project months in the making … four partially-unemployed months, to be exact, and we finally launched. Today. And I can’t pull it off without the help of each of you.

I am lucky enough to know too many talented friends: flawless bakers, dressers, music critics, adventuresses, socialites, hostesses, artists, designers, fashionistas and seamstresses who inspire me daily. I just wanted to create a place for us all to hang out.

So please, tell one, tell all to check us out. We’re at Your Heart Out dot com. Though there isn’t too much up yet, I can’t wait to see you (and your comments!) there.


jamieanne said...

Yippee! I've been waiting for this little gem to come to fruition. I love your little brain (not in the same way your zombie husband does) and can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Even though I don't live in Utah, I can't wait to eat my heart out via the www. The site is simply fabulous. Cheers to you!

marta said...

amen to that. we've been needing something like this for SLC. your trio is where hip is at. thanks for spreading the news. i'll be shouting it from the rooftops. congrats on the venture!

Dede said...

Let me just say...I couldn't think of two better people to put this together than you two!

Kim said...

what a fun sight, thanks for the entertainment. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Lorilee said...

I'm excited to go take a peak.

ali said...

Thanks for the well wishes, friends. I need them to stay upbeat and motivated about the project.

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