Wednesday, December 27

I don't mean to brag, but....

My mom is the best Santa's-little-helper ever! Stockings are a HUGE part of Christmas at the Anderson home. We save them until very last. Look at all the cool/pretty/
practical/useful/thoughtful things I got. (And yes, they really are sitting on my nightstand like this, though I have managed to get most of them out of their plastic coatings. I just like to look at them for a while before using.)

1. a compact mirror
2. a keyboard/monitor cleaner
3. an egg-white/yoke separator for making "Britton's chicken"--a treasured recipe due to its ease and healthiness.
4. a mini vintage ice bag
5. mom's favorite Oiseau candle in "Darling Blue." The tag reads "Finally, there was nowhere to be. She wrapped herself in a lilac shawl as soft as mimosa flowers and sat back to enjoy the view from her favorite chair." It smells as good as it sounds.
6. an IndentiGrip luggage identifier
7. my favorite beauty product of six years: Benefit's "Dandelion" face powder
8. a handbag hanger (You can put the mirror-side on the table where you're dining and it will hold your purse--no more having it slide off the back of your chair or make its home on a dirty floor.)
9. an oversized push-pin "Memo Holder" that flashes once pressed upon ... when something needs doing or non-forgetting
10. a cute Hunkin Bunkin ponytail holder
11. a vintage-fabric barrette
12. a pair of glitzy 3D heart earrings
13. a Marc Jacobs keychain
14, 15, and 16 (not pictured) Kate Spade 2007 day planner (already in use at the office), Natural Ice chapstick (already in use on my lips), and "Kiss Me" Philosophy lip balm (layered over already-used chapstick)

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Curtis, Lane, Ashley, Corey, Jamie, Grant, all the Smiths and Santa for what was one of the best holidays ever. And not only because of the too-cute stocking stuffers, but because of to-die-for food, wonderful hostessing, thoughtfulness, patience and most of all, good company.


jamieanne said...

So's amazing how many things are packed into that stocking that I would never buy for myself but love to have when Pam buys them for me. The rest is also true. It was one of the best holidays ever, the stocking stuffers were oh so cute, I almost died cuz the food was sooo good, the hostesses were the mostesses, there was much thoughtfulness and patience, and the company really was good. Actually, I think it was great. But that is my only difference of opinion with your blog. Otherwise, we are in total agreement.

Kim said...

How fun, I'm jealous of all your little goodies.

laceyJ. said...

Me too! Sounds like Santa really spoiled you this year.