Saturday, December 23

comin' to town

Look closely. OK, look really closely. Not the best picture, but I was completely caught off guard.

To be sure, that's old Santy, himself--spreading the Christmas cheer in Midvale, hot air balloon-style. We saw him sailing over Target in Fort Union when we were doing some last-minute shopping.

You can track the around-the-world whereabouts of Santa and his sled here and/or here.

Wishing all a very merry holiday!


James said...

I saw the hot air balloon as well but I didn't see that Santa was at the Helm. I guess reindeer need a christmas break now and again. Either that or the bird flu has migrated north and taken its toll on the local reindeer population.

P.S. the guy next to us in the Southwest check-in at the SLC airport was from the North Pole. No joke. He didn't look anything like santa though. He looked more like a Hell's Angel motocycle dude.

jamieanne said...

Hey...I saw this balloon when I was in town and wondered what to my wondering eyes had appeared. a hot air balloon...during the holiday season...priceless.