Wednesday, January 31

blonde on blonde

I'm lovin' these "Norlandic" blondies in the opening pages of the new Anthropologie catalog. They remind me of Lori.

I'm also lovin' this, this and this.

Oh. And this and this, while we're at it.


Kim said...

Let's go blonde Ali. They look like they are having so much fun. Cute finds.

Kim said...
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tiffany said...

Oooooo! I love all of it. I often toy with the idea of applying to work at Anthropologie part time, just so I can wander the store and touch all of the clothes and goodies for hours on end--not to mention the employee discount!

Lorilee said...

Thanks for the compliment Ali... those models are very striking... I'm happy you were reminded of me!

I stopped by Anthro last week and just about fell to my knees when I walked through the doors. I was overwhelmed with so much bright color and new ideas of fashion... it was ALMOST unbearable.
I was just about to blog about all the great stuff they are carrying right now, and how much I adore the new Spring catalog.
You always beat me to blogging about the good stuff. Heck, maybe I'll blog about it anyway.

and ps.. Tiffany, even with the discount... it will still clean out the pocketbook.

ali said...

Blog away, Lor. You've got the refined eye. Plus, you saw it in person!

(Sorry I'm a blogging dork.)

Sydney said...

i love love love the models they look so cute and blonde!!