Wednesday, January 31

modern babes

Speaking of birth control, check out this low-end modern nursery Ashley showed me. I've been waiting to see who would come up with an affordable model first: I thought Target would have been all over this months and months ago. Ikea has a super-barebones option, but its price has me a little worried. It's almost too cheap to be carrying precious cargo.

So I was shocked to see that WalMart did it first. The idea is good, but we're not fans of the crib's end pieces and its ill-fitting arch inlays. (Nor am I a huge fan of WalMart in general.) The changing table is on the right track, too, but it's also not quite right (thanks to the same ill-fitting arch inlay).

The bedding is cute, though, and hopefully Target will be hot on the trail. With so many buns in the oven, I thought I'd spread the good word. (Congrats to all!)


Dede said...

Are you trying to tell your readers something Ali? Do YOU have a little bun in the oven???

P.S. Very cute.

Kim said...

Good find Ali, I've been searching for a low cost version of my crib but with no luck. I would have never thought to start at Walmart! You'll have to inform me if you notice others start to come out.

tiffany said...

WalMart? What is the Universe going to throw at me next--flying elephants? How am I supposed to continue hating WalMart if they keep making stuff like this?

Thanks for sharing yet another great find!

tiffany said...
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allison said...

Ali, what a find! I have been searching for the perfect crib and everything I like seems to be too pricey. I wonder what the quality is like? Hmmmm.

Ashley A. said...

Ali, Max wants cousins. He hinted about it today over strained sweet pototoes. How about a sweet potato of your own?