Wednesday, January 17

cool un-art

I heart these new Marimekko fabric canvases at CB2. All crafted by different designers, the artist's name is printed on the inch or so-thick margin where the frame would usually be. They're affordable, too (around $50), and come with "personalized" hanging kits that make guesswork a thing of the past. This time.

"Tuuli" by Maija Isola (2003)
"La Boca" by Maija Louekari (2005)
"Latvassa Korkealla" by Teresa Moorhouse (2005)
"Hetkia/Moments" by Maija Louekari (2003)

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jamieanne said...

Hey, I saw these on their website recently, and found myself trying to find a place to put them in my house cuz I liked them so much.

In case you can't tell...lately, I've been doing way too much home shopping, and it make-a me crazy!