Friday, January 19

gehry up

Something that looks remotely like this could be gracing the corridor between the Salt Lake and Utah counties when they build that new mall just north of Cabela's.

They really got Frank Gehry?! (Or could be getting; guess details haven't been confirmed.)

But, cool.

I saw it here. (Sorry to use Fox 13, especially bad-haired Sandy Riesgraf, as my source, but that's where I saw it when The OC ended. Sorry, Fox. Sorry, Sandy. No offense. I am trying to give credit where credit is due.)


Tiffany said...




How cool would that be?
(P.S. Let's have a conversation sometime about local newscaster hair. I think we'd agree on many points.)

Bridgett said...

I like how they ask the guys going into Cabellas if they know who Frank Gehry is. It makes Utahns look really educated.
This is very exciting if it is true. It would do a lot for Utah.

jamieanne said...

Can't wait to see if Lehi city leaders turn down his plan in favor of another Thanksgiving Point. I'm not trying to dis, I'm just saying, many a mistake hath been made. That being said, I do like Thanksgiving Point and Cabela's...for what they is.
Hey, maybe Gehry could re-design Sandy Riesgraf's hair while he's at it. I bet it would be suh-weet!

Brad K. said...

Wait, really?




Brad K. said...

Okay, so I just watched the video and I hope soooo badly that that Fox 13 Exclusive was legit.

This is just what Utah needs.

And yes I too like that they asked those two going into Cabelas if they know who Frank Gehry is. I hope the rest of the country can see that so the nation's perception of Utah gets even more ridiculous. Thanks Riesgraf.

Kim said...

Could Utah really get something this amazing. we hope so.

Lorilee said...

I saw this on the news too Ali... and was wondering if I was hearing everything correctly.
Cody and I were laughing our heads off that those Calelas shoppers. ----damn hunters.