Friday, January 19

sundance shorts

No, I did not see shorts worn today during my virgin voyage to Sundance. They were one of the few impractical fashion statements I didn't behold. (I did see one bottle blonde wearing white patent-leather platforms and another lady in head-to-toe fur. Seriously. She bordered Eskimo. Or Viking. And she may have been sloshed at noon.)

I did see that Sundance film shorts will be available for sale on iTunes starting Jan. 22 for $1.99. It's a little uncool, though, that they used to be streamed for free from the Sundance homepage and are no longer. Guess ol' Redford is trying to generate a buzz for shorts, and a parntership with Apple is the way to make it happen.

Anyway. If you want a little dose of Sundance but don't want to take on the crowd (it took me 25 minutes to walk from my car to Main Street) this might be a nice way to bring it home. Literally.

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