Tuesday, January 9

new products from apple, inc. or just apple

If you use Cingular, you should look into the music-downloading-and-playing and OS-running iPhone ($499 retail). That colored touch-screen makes it cooler than I would have imagined. Or, try out Apple's new TV-networked media player ($299 retail). In all honesty, I'm not exactly sure what this could mean for Apple-users and TV-watchers. I'll wait for Brad to explain it to me. You can read more here.

{Update:} So I learned that, in a nutshell, the new TV-networked media player would enable me to download a version of The OC on my laptop and watch it on Curtis' streamlined flatscreen TV sans wires. Neato. And if you want to see more of the sexy iPhone, do so here.


Brad K. said...

It basically means that just when Microsoft thought they were catching up with their stupid Zune mp3 player thing they get served again.

ali said...

Yeah, but isn't the Zune totally wireless? I haven't seen that in an iPod yet.

Though I just figured out what that new TV thingy does and it sounds pretty sweet.

ali said...

Ohhhh wait. I bet this iPhone thing is totally wireless. Doi. It's like an uber Blackberry.

jamieanne said...

I'm skeptical.
Come June, (when they become available) the entire world will pay $500 for one. Then, like every other Apple product, they will probably release a sexier, sleeker, thinner, more user-friendly version with customizable colors and engraving in November/December (conveniently timed for the Holidays). That's my beef. They release products knowing full well they have a bigger, better one, with less bugs available within a matter of months. I'm all for marketing genius, but I think this errs on the side of deceit.
I think I'll wait a while on this one. Besides, I hear it's hard to use.

Brad K. said...

With Apple you just have to accept that you might not always have the newest iPod, computer, OS, etc. but you will always have an amazing product and get your money's worth. My two-year-old iPod that doesn't even have a color screen still works perfectly and doesn't feel obsolete, there's just way sweeter ones out there. Same with my two-year-old (and somewhat abused) Powerbook that still runs great and feels and looks nicer then most brand new PC laptops. Or even my six-year-old iMac that is still used daily when my parents (and everyone else) have gone through at least three PCs in that time.

Apple makes excellent products and you can't fault them for always making, what you thought couldn't get any better, way better. Just be happy with what you have and when its time to upgrade you'll be amazed at how much better your new whatever-it-is is.

Sorry to rant but I freakin' love Apple. I am (sadly) using at least one of their products the majority of the time I am awake on this earth, and have been for years, and they never make me angry or get me upset. They just do what they are supposed to and for that I am grateful.

marta said...

amen to you good fellow.

ali said...

I dunno. I use a PC at home and a Mac at work. The Apple is sexier but has a few quirks. The PC at home, however, is always functioning and is way more user-friendly--and I don't think it's just cuz I grew up using one.

I am a believer that Apple and PC fans can live on this earth in peace. Amen to that!

Brad K. said...

OK, I'm getting way too worked up over this topic. I am no longer leaving comments on this topic.

Starting now.

jamieanne said...

In all truthiness, when I wrote my post, I was waiting for the smackdown...or should I say the Macdown! I love how passionate the true Apple lovers are.
This has been a most enjoyable discussion indeed.
May we all live together in PC peace and Apple happiness.