Tuesday, January 9

yay for pluto!

Dethroned once--practically kicked out of the universe, or maybe just the solar system--cute little Pluto has made a comeback through its very dethroning, its demotion, its being stripped of its planetary title.

What Pluto was is "plutoed." Yep, that's right: it has been immortalized as a verb by the American Dialect Society. By definition, "plutoed" means "to demote or devalue someone or something." AND, it was voted word of the year for 2006.

I like the word, as much as I like the similar-sounding (but totally different meaning-ed) word "shanghai'd." And as much as I like last year's Colbert-coined word, "truthiness."

In all truthiness, I've been plutoed a time or two, and currently wouldn't mind being plutoed when it comes to my HOA duties ... and shanghai'ing someone else into them.

P.S. Totally off subject, but have you heard of 2003 UB313?

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jamieanne said...

While we're being truthy, I think Apple has shanghai'd everyone into thinking they need smaller, sexier, and sleeker RIGHT NOW! But in the spirit of truthiness, I would like to see them plutoed by the new 2003 UB313. With a name like that, they can't go wrong!