Tuesday, January 9

loco for cuckoos

Were you crazy about Anthropologie's 2D Silhouette Cuckoo, save the price? I know, me too. But look how cute these less expensive options ($32) are from Urban. If they were priced just a little lower, I would buy all four and line them up on a wall like this, with the clocks set at different timezones around the world: the far left would clock the time somewhere in Scandinavia, while the yellow polka-dot number would show the time in the Bahamas.


Tiffany said...

I love these! The yellow one would look especially great one one particular wall in my house. Hmmm. Thanks for the great tip!

Lorilee said...

They simply are to die for... It was love at first sight when I opened them at Anthropologie, but after seeing all of them break, and never work---my love quickly faded. Hopefully Urban's are a little bit more reliable, but don't hold your breath.

Ron Southern said...
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