Monday, January 8

'shapes mother nature never intended'

I just got to my mom's house and she pointed out this picture from the Des News that has been "giving her the giggles" all day.

I looked at it once, then twice, then finally got it. At first glance, I didn't notice the monstrous and monster-ish bite-outta-tree in the background. The issue at hand is real (Trees Inc. poorly trimming trees around area power lines) and the article doesn't skirt that. But I like the way the facts were delivered, especially the writer's inclusion of some excellent quotes like this: "It's a billboard for an ugly tree" and "Shapes that Mother Nature never intended" and "I can't even bear to look at them".

But, seriously, look at this photo. It's reassuring (and a little astounding) to know that it hasn't been photoshopped--newspapers and their photojournalists don't believe in that stuff. But could it be any better? Check out the totally put-out, disgruntled look on the resident's face. Thanks, Elaine Jarvik and Scott G. Winterton for a dose of humorous and substantial journalism.


laceyJ. said...

ha! that's funny- i thought the picture all together was photoshopped- tree and mother included! it doesn't look real... wow, what an amazing tree!

lane said...

DUDE...I kept looking at this photo and laughing all day. That tree, plus the look on the disgruntled neighbor's face, is priceless. Props to the D News for exposing Tree Inc, terrorizing trees all over the county.

Kim said...

That is hilarious! Thank you for posting that picture. It's always good to have a good laugh in the morning.

jamieanne said...

Hahaha...this is great. Is it just me or is that Jane Fonda standing next to the violated tree?