Wednesday, January 24

not wincing at all

I just spent about two hours in Target; I haven't been since before Christmas, and even then, it was just for a quick minute. So I'm a total sucker for advertising, so what?

This time I wanted to fill up my cart, yes, that's cart (its presence proves that I had some time invested, here) with the 500 cool vases that are included in the Global Bazaar.

I did get to load up on new self-cleansing/beauty products: my favorite part of the grocery store. I also stocked up on Method's mint-and-eucalyptus-infused Tub and Tile cleaner, Method's granite countertop cleaner, Method's stainless steel cleaner, and some plain Clorox spray. My house is going to bling.

I rewarded myself prematurely with my first whole-album purchase of the year--thus fulfilling one of my informal New Year's resolutions. I thought since The Shins are coming on the 16th of February (at In The Venue, tickets here), I should see what they've been up to. I've only heard the first five tracks and here are my initial reactions, made to Curtis:

"Hmm. This song sounds like it's underwater. Oh, it's called 'Sleeping Lessons' which kind of sounds like 'swimming lessons.' (Silence wherein I feel stupid.) There is probably no connection, huh?"

"Does this song sound totally '80s to you? Almost like a power ballad?"

"Wow. These guys don't sound like anybody else. They're the real deal."

Overall (excluding the fact that I haven't, in fact, listened to the album in its entirety), I dig it.


laceyJ. said...

Wow Ali! No wonder why you and I are friends... I did almost the exact same thing yesterday... Saw many-a-cute vases and wall hangings in Target's Global Bazaar section. (However, my self-will forced me right out of there.)

I also linked to The Shins new album preview on my blog... had the same reaction to 'Sleeping Lessons' strangely eery, but very catchy!

Kim said...

I'm jealous of the time you got to spend at Target. It's always fun to walk around and look at EVERYTHING!

jamieanne said...

I lalalove The Target. Something about it just makes me happy. I could wander those aisles for hours.

tiff said...

It's probably bordering unhealthy how much I love Target. I love the Global Bazaar as well. In fact, I have my eye on one of the great trunks there.

And thanks for The Shins recommendation. I really like them. They were the best part of that movie Garden State.