Monday, February 26

abravanel hall

Bridgett treated me and a couple other ladies to the Utah Symphony's rendition of "Mahler's 7th" on Saturday night. We had the best time. The music was superb, and I was surprised at how much I understood (Mahler used the sound of oars lapping through lakewater as inspiration) and how I could pick up on musical variations between movements. I expect Lacey to have such an ear, but not me. I can't believe that people know how to write music that doesn't stick to sets of eight, let alone perform it.

I became fascinated with Abravanel Hall all over again. It's such a cool place: sleek woodwork, chandeliers like big pieces of square jewelry hanging from the ceiling and of course, Dale Chihuly's blown-glass masterpiece, "Olympic Torch." If you haven't been for a while, go check it out: just standing in the lobby and looking up through all the platforms and layers of staircases to the ceiling is a fun visual experience. I just wish they'd consider replacing the teal carpet.


Lorilee said...

I love Abravanel Hall. We also went and listened to music on Sat. night, and although 100 people packed into Slowtrain made for some interesting people watching--I was wishing for a comfortable chair at Abravanel Hall instead. I'm glad you had fun.

jamieanne said...

It is so much fun to go to Abravanel Hall. Grant and I try to go every time we are in town. Last time we were there, the Symphony played with the legendary Debby Boone. In case you don't know who that is (cuz I didn't), think of such hits as "You Light Up My Life."

laceyJ. said...

I looved this symphony! I think it utilized the percussion, strings, and horns equally. And, I couldn't get enough.

What a fun night!