Monday, February 26

purl one

Liz introduced me to Purl Soho the other day. In case you didn't see it there yourself, I thought I'd spread word around here.

The photography on the site is awesome: It makes good of something as drab as a knitting needle, but the inventory is stellar, too.

I didn't even try to pick some favorites; there would be way too many. Go see for yourself.

{Update} Skip on over to Liz's blog to see what she crafted up over the weekend with her Purl Soho fabrics. So cute!


Lorilee said...

I can't believe how many different options of fabrics they have. It's so fun to look and day dream about what I going to make with all these great colors and patterns.

liz s said...

Thanks! The inventory is always changing at Purl. The three different fabrics I bought a couple months ago aren't even there anymore! So if you see something you love but aren't sure what to do with it, get it now!