Friday, February 9

i want: bohemian modern

I really wanted this book for Christmas, but somehow, no one caught on.

I have to admit that I initially fell for its cover: I love its crossgrain texture, vintage appeal, and color--which also happens to be about the same as that on the walls in my home. Daring, I know. But we think it works.

Silver Lake is one of those California neighborhoods you always hear the name of, but don't really know too much about. A little reading on Wikipedia taught me that it's Hollywood's eclectic, indie, creative hub and has been home to such musicians and bands as Beck, Pavement, Rilo Kiley and Elliott Smith.

If I could or wanted to live somewhere cool amongst all the glitz and glam in Hollywood, I think this would be one of my top picks, not only because of the company, but because of the general style and location: a spot near a lake and the ocean? Yes, please. Granted, I might have to pick up a guitar in order to be granted access to the community.

Here are some of the spaces featured in the book, which I still don't own but wouldn't mind having:

Love the idea of a cheese store; I would stop by probably once a day to pick up some gouda or feta. Other cities have Cheese Houses and I am jealous.


tiff said...

Looks like a great book! I love the idea of a cheese store.

Speaking of cheese, do you ever go to Citris Grill and have the Grilled Cheese of the Day? Mmmmm.

Kim said...

That really looks like a fun book. I love looking through books like that. And those pictures look even more enticing.

Jill said...

Hey I justed wanted to tell you that I adore this book! I too was *wishing* for it wrapped in shiny paper but ended up just heading to B&N come the new year. :) It's fantastic, I love every page. Also... I'm loving your blog, I moved to NYC from SLC 6 months ago and there are many things I miss about the 'small city' life. (Mountains! Koo de Ker!)Thanks for your great posts!

Lorilee said...

I want you to buy it, so I can come over and look through it! Sometimes looking through books that have more photos than words is so relaxing and can take my mind off of other things I'd rather not be thinking of... like my 72-hour kit :)