Friday, February 9

robin rice favorites

Marta introduced me to Robin Rice's online gallery a bit ago. I was an instant fan; it's a great escape. Here are three images that I wish, a. I could see in person, and b., hang in my house.

Left to right:
Waiting by Patricia McDonough
Isild Le Besco, Paris by Haik Kocharian
Eyes Like Disappointed Lemons #2 by Cig Harvey


tiff said...

Ali, your site is so great--everyday feels like a field trip!

Kim said...

Agree! Thanks for all the new posts and fun things to look at. These pictures are great. I'll have to check the site out.

Lorilee said...

"Waiting" reminds me of your post in Oct. of "Le ballon rouge".... the great movie we all watched as kids.

Ashley A. said...

I like the balloon one too but I had to blow up tie 80 pink and red balloons for a V-day party and my fingers hurt! I was taking a balloon bouquet home afterwards and it slipped from my grasp and escaped into the cold, boston, night air. Maybe I'm ballooned out for now.