Tuesday, February 6

colorblock dress

I will have to return at least half of all the Proenza Schouler stuff I purchased when I saw it debut prematurely at the Fort Union Target on Saturday.

This one, however, is a definite keeper. This photo doesn't do it justice; it's too bland. I wore the little silky pretty on Sunday with a black turtleneck and black tights and I thought it looked pretty cute: both Lacey and Maeve knew I picked this item up---am I really so transparent?

What I should do is post pictures of my buys and have you guys help me decide what to keep, and what to take back. I'm stuck. (You would have to keep in mind that the mell-of-a-hess dressing rooms had an insanely long line, and that Target has a good return policy, if clothing is unworn).

Proenza Schouler is my favorite GO collection yet.


tiff said...

The dress is darling! I love that color. You should post your other purchases, and let me live vicariously, since I am not buying any clothes right now (stupid me).

jamieanne said...

I wanna see! I bought tons too, and then read the website and determined that they are launching even MORE designs in the not so distant future. Plus, I saw them at the preview sale here in NY. Now, I feel I am in a conundrum. Shall I keep what I have, or wait for something better. Swimsuits? to die for! Literally. Skirts? Pretty dang cute. More sweaters? Can't get enought of them.
Ok, this is too long. Obviously I can't get enought of Proenza Schouler either.

Kim said...

Lori and I admired that dress when we stopped by Target. Great purchase!

Ashley A. said...

Ali, I got that dress too! I have really needed some new dresses and I think it could work year round if you pair it with the right stuff. What else did you get? I gave myself a 2 item limit and purchased 4...but I did get an under shirt to go with the dress so I'm rationalizing it as 3 items.

Lorilee said...

I love the blue... not bland at all. Kim and I did love it! (and still do)