Wednesday, February 7

cool/cute baby stuff

I also promise that I'm not pregnant. But when I see this stuff it automatically catches my eye(s) because so many of my friends have little buns in the oven. I saw some Super Natural Baby bedding featured on Design*Sponge, and took a gander through the website.

Turns out the crib sets were my least favorite part. I'm a bigger fan of quilts cool enough to hang on nursery walls or keep baby warm, fashion-meets-function changing mats, and problem-solving blanket/ponchos and diaper clutches.

You can learn more about Super Natural Baby here, and purchase their items at Branched, Babygeared and Flying Peas, which is a great name for a baby store.

(The Super Natural Baby logo is eerily similar to Your Heart Out's. Maybe it's destiny.)


jamieanne said...

Are you sure your recent experience with Miss Famous didn't go so smoothly that you're starting to think babies? If not, I bet Miss Famous (strange yet true) would enjoy some of these items...especially the blanket/poncho.

allison said...

Ali, I love that you keep your eye our for us pregnant girls. Searching for baby stuff is my new obsession. Those quilts are so cute! Thanks!

Kim said...

I posted a comment like 5 minutes ago but it's not coming through so sorry if it does and you get a double post from me. But I just wanted to agree with Allison here and say thank you for being on the look out for cute baby things! I thought the baby in their pictures was hilarious. And it is very strange how similar their logo is? hmm.

Brad K. said...

I hate being a designer.

I swear I never saw that logo before yet it is basically the same as the YHO logo. Damn it.

Is there anything left that hasn't been done?

ali said...

Brad! I love the logo. No worries, bro. Good minds think alike, and yours is definitely a good one.