Wednesday, February 7

deal of the week: sheer flutter-sleeve top

First of all, I promise that I'm not a secret member of Target's marketing team.

Second of all, I don't go to Target that much. I've only been three times in the last three months.

But when I do go, I find stuff that I love, like this Sheer Flutter-Sleeve Top in "Golden Honey" by Mossimo. It's only $9.99. I wore mine yesterday with a brown, supersoft H&M turtleneck. (What is it with me and turtlenecks lately? I must be cold.)

Um, did I mention that it's only $9.99 and spring-ready, to boot?


jamieanne said...

Maybe you should see if Target has any openings. Or you could start your own street team. That would be rad.

laceyJ. said...

Very cute, indeed. I have this same top, but with the '70ish pattern on it... I'm pretty sure it's the same. I like the fit, too.
(Me, my twin, and my little sister all own it. That's the thing with Target because it's so cheap and cute, there will definitely be duplicates.)

Kim said...

I really enjoyed your outfit last night and had no idea it was a Target purchase. You really have good luck at Target.

Lorilee said...

I think you work for Target. You always find the good stuff...and I think it's impossible to ALWAYS find the good stuff there.

tiff said...

If you ever start a Target Appreciation Club, please inform me because I'd love to join. I'll even bring the treats.