Thursday, February 15

handbag caddy

I'm a lucky in-my-later-20's-gal who still gets a stocking each Christmas. One of the favorite things included in my most recent sock was a handbag caddy: no more sitting my cute purse on dirty floors, or worrying about it getting stepped on.

The Internet is crawling with these things, with prices that range from $3-$27; there's even a great selection on eBay. Mine's the "handbag caddy" brand, and it works really well. But this one's pretty cute, too. I also like the ones with strawberries on them.


lane said...

Props to Pam for finding this one! It even holds my NYC bag, which is substantial and always full of books.

Lorilee said...

This is a great idea. What I wouldn't give to have one of these when I'm eating at...well, pretty much any restaurant. But what to do with our bags when we're at the movies?