Thursday, February 15

sew, girl, sew

I'm not a mama, much less a sewing one, but I love looking at fabrics at Sew Mama Sew, and imagining I could do something more with them than making a simple "stretched canvas."

If I was half the seamstress friends like Bridgett and Fergi and Lori are, I would be busy making stuff out of these materials:

This one for a tablecloth.
This collection for a Max quilt.
This one for a smart, peter-pan collared blouse.
This one for a pillowcase.


jordan said...

Lots of good stuff. Great find!

Ashley A. said...

Fun find Als, I also love I can't sew either though- I couldn't make the wind sock in 7th grade Home Ec. I'm also intimidated by surgers! All those needles.

Kim said...

Such cute fabrics. I want to learn to sew too. Maybe we should take a class??

Lorilee said...

I'm not quite sure I'd being calling Lori a seamstress! But I do love all those bright fabrics with such neat designs...almost enough to pull out the old sewing machine and try.. I mean TRY.. to create something.