Wednesday, February 14

sweet spread at bakers de normandie

After making a quick call to Lori to make sure I was correct in my assumptions, I headed to her all-time favorite bakery this morning, Bakers de Normandie (4679 S. Holladay Blvd.), to pick up some valentines for my coworkers.

Stepping in there will go down as a favorite memory, and will probably become a tradition. Just look at the spread!The collection of sugar, red, pink, pretty writing, lips, and "I Love You's," totally made my Valentine's Day, and it hadn't even really begun. I'm even considering going back for a quaint lunch with Curtis this afternoon ... and to pick up some more sweets.

Lori's favorites are the "buttercream" variety--big, pink, fluffy heart-shaped goodness. They're $1.65 each, and a mouthful.

Lori, I hope you start up that bakery. You should do it with Jamie! If you make people half as happy as Normandie made me today, your career will be a success.


Anonymous said...

i´m hungry now

Nacho Arena


becky said...

Ali! Long lost friend! I found your BLOG...surfing! I'll be able to "see" you more often now! Miss you...I'm on the blogging world too,

Lorilee said...

Yea! for Bakers de Normandie. Only in my wildest dreams could I have a bakery half as cute and yummy as this one. Not only are their cookies, cakes, and pastries heaven, but their French Onion soup is to die for.

But Ali, you are right--my favorite is their buttercream sugar cookies. They are made fresh everyday, decorated for whatever holiday is in season, and loaded up with their delicious buttercream frosting.
When it's a rainy or snowy day, my Mom, sisters and I try to meet there for lunch. It's such a cozy place to meet on a cold day.

Ashley A. said...

Wow, you are nice to your co-workers! Makes me wish I was one of them!

jamieanne said...

Talk about sweets for the sweet! That place is oozing with sugary sweet goodness.

Kim said...

That looks so yummy I wish I had time to run by before my vday date tonight. Let us know how the lunch menu is. I think I need to stop by.