Friday, February 16

inspiration: lisa congdon

For the record (again), I do realize that my blog is all over the place. But this is how my brain works: one minute I'm drooling over a patent leather Michael Kors shoe with a cute black-and-white piped wedge, and the next, I'm wishing that I lived in this photo. Though the title is generous, this is why I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades, master of nothing.

My praises to the ever-talented Lisa Congdon for keeping me grounded and eternally inspired. In my book, she is a master-of-many-trades. Lisa is that uber-creative type: she's a mixed-media artist (I love her shadowbox/collage works) but her photos aren't half bad, either (that's hers pictured above, not mine). It doesn't hurt that I have a passion for the same subject matter that she does: fields and skies---and for me, what sits at the line where they intersect.

This post from her blog, A Bird in the Hand, is the kind of stuff that makes want to take a 5-hour trek to Mt. Pleasant on a Saturday afternoon: to get away, and then, start looking around me ... and up. I'm dreaming of green grass and blue skies, right now.

Hurry, spring!


Kim said...

That picture is so beautiful, the others she has on that post are gorgeous too. I can see why they inspire you!

Kim said...
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tiff said...

Very beautiful! I am always drawn to landscape scenes.

tiff said...

P.S. I like that your blog is all over the place.

Chelsea said...

One of my daily reads!

Anonymous said...

when looking at this picture, I feel as if the clouds are really rolling by! it is awesome!
jenny j