Friday, February 16

stir up

Lacey and I always joked that we might have to revert to stirrup pants to get our legwear to stay nicely tucked into our boots this season. We thought we might have to turn to something like those at left from teenybopper hotspot Alloy.

A reader on the Lucky forums recommended these elastic pant clips from Dover Saddlery for doing the stay-down trick. Lucky published the tip in its March issue. And though I feel slightly silly, I think I'm going to try it. (At only $3.95, why not?)

The clips sure beat stirrup pants.


jordan said...

ha ha ha I was totally going to blog about this. :)

Lorilee said...

Let me know how it goes Ali.

Anonymous said...

Stirrup pants were my favorite in junior high!! seriously, they were awesome! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Love Lots
Jenny J