Monday, February 5

long live the puppy bowl

When I got a call from Brad at approximately 3 p.m., I didn't know that I was going to get sucked into nearly an hour of Cute Overload-ish TV-watching that I seriously didn't have time to do. I also don't have time to blog, and yet, here I am.

What Brad informed me of (in a somewhat urgent matter: we both have a thing for small animals lately) is Animal Planet's annual Puppy Bowl. 2007 meant Puppy Bowl III.

Ask me what I thought of the Super Bowl and I can tell you that I liked one legacy-filled Cadillac commercial (though Curtis pointed out that they skipped over the poorly-designed '80s and '90s models), that it rained a lot (Artist formally known as Prince sang "Purple Rain" in the rain, which I thought was funny), and that a clip of a Colts player sailing through the air and outside of the boundary line(?) played in slow motion like ten hundred times. I don't know the technicalities, but I can gather that there was some questionable officiating regarding the player's foot placement during said sailing.

But ask me about the Puppy Bowl, and I can fill you in. I watched as puppy Boxers, Beagles, French Bulldogs (my favorite next to Miss Famouses), Pekingeses and more fought it out small-and-furry-animal style on a mini football green. I enjoyed a human ref that would waltz in with a little black lab under his arm, plop him on the floor and announce "new player!"; a "hidden camera" that lets you see the pups' tongues when they stick their faces in water bowls for time-outs; and views of the "audience at home:" little dogs perched on director's chairs with their tongues hanging out.

Tune in next year. Puppy Bowl IV is sure to please, if you have a heart. Or you can watch this video. I even lament that I missed Kitty Half-Time, and I'm not at all crazy about kitties.

Famous didn't seem to be nearly as amused by her own kind. We watched together, but I think she had lettuce on the brain.


Brad K. said...

The french bulldog was my favorite too but he didn't have any good plays. Just knida stood there.

Did you see the english bulldog go coast to coast on the retreivers and labs? He served those fools.

Lorilee said...

I was laughing out loud as I read that post. I wish, wish, wish I would have know about it. I can't imagine why anyone on Earth would rather watch big, sweaty, mean, men tackle each other and chase a football,-- when they could be watching sweet, darling little puppies run around a pretend football field!

laceyJ. said...

Next year they should have puppies vs. kitties... The kitties would loose miserably. Go puppies! Down with kitties!

jamieanne said...

K...why did you not contact me to let me in on the oh so cute secret? This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I just watched ALL of the videos on the link and died laughing.
Famous would be a horrific Puppy Bowl-er...she'd just find a pillow, and sit there watching her kind participate in such ruffian games!

whit said...

Ali..I'm glad I wasn't the only one who sat down and yes watched puppy superbowl. What made me laugh was that the show was 3 hours long. 3 hours of amazing puppy love. It sure made my day.