Monday, February 5

cute and cheap

I love old books. I buy them strictly for their covers and/or spines at least 80 percent of the time, the remaining 20 percent are purchased solely for their titles: things I like the sound of.

I found these beauties at the D.I. a while back. They are 1970s-era, condensed versions of Reader's Digest that come shielded in not-so-cute sleeves. But look at the wonder within: the patterns and colors inspire me. I stack them on various shelves around the house, and pull them out for use as coasters when friends come over. They are only 50 cents at the D.I. (as the un-removed stickers on my newest purchases tell you) so I don't have to worry about ruining them. Well, at least not too much.


tiff said...

Ha! I, too, have purchased lots of books at the D.I. for decorative purposes! I bought a bunch called The Book of Knowledge because I thought it would make us look smart.

I love the patterns on yours! Great idea.

jordan said...

I get pretty old books, take out the pages and then rebind them into journals and sketchbooks.

laceyJ. said...

Those patterns are great... I think it was the last Martha that recommended buying an old book at the thrift store, one you don't care too much for, cut out the front and make it into a frame... It actually looked really cute.

Kim said...

Were you able to find more of those? They are really cute. I might have to go by the DI, but I'm a little scared. I'm kind of a wimp . . .maybe you should come with!

ali said...

There's almost always some, Kim. Why are you scared of the DI? I know it's something I should have grown out of after college, but still it lingers.

I'll go with anytime. If your sensitive nose can handle the unappetizing smell.