Monday, February 5

do dwell

Ashley and I were just saying that, no matter how much we love it, Dwell bedding could use an update. We were getting a little bored of all the bold graphic-ness. (My high school Humanities teacher Ms. Lees would tell me that means I am a boring person.)

So I was very pleased to see these more-refined palettes and patterns from them. I like the sofa pillows, too.

See more here.


liz s said...

hey! i think i know your sister lane. and you might know my sister celeste? well if not, i'm just a stranger stalking your cute blog on a monday morning

Lorilee said...


jamieanne said...

I second that opinion. I would like to find her someday (she's probably still beautiful) and tell her what a difference she made in my brain. I love that lady!