Tuesday, February 27

lotta's stickies

I love all things Lotta Jansdotter.

Her sticky note collection is one of my favorite gifts for friends who have cubicle jobs. I love to see/use art in the everyday. Just beware, they don't stick quite as well as the traditional Post-it. But when you have to tape that funny owl to the bottom of your monitor, you won't mind.

$8.95 at Lotta Jansdotter.com.


Lorilee said...

I too, love all things Lotta Jansdotter. I remember when it first came into Anthropologie, and we made up a joke of the name. We would use an accent from, maybe New Jersey, or Boston, and say.. "Lotta, ya know, Jan's daughter, from Long Island."
Funny? I think so. :)

Chelsea said...

I love Lotta too!! I have those post-its at work and they make me so happy. Everyone else in my office loves it when they get one!

tiffany said...

What a great idea. I have an office friend with a birthday coming up and she lives on post-it notes. Yipee!

laceyJ. said...

Yep- you gave these little pretty notes to me for my b-day. Loved them! Need more!